Planning a wedding can be fun and exciting, but it can also be daunting, especially when you think of all the details that will need to be taken care of. Among the most significant details that lots of brides forget to take care of is your wedding favor for guests. There are so many different types of wedding favors and each has its own unique look, so the key is finding the perfect one that will match your wedding’s overall style. Let’s take a close look at a number of the more popular types of contemporary wedding favors, to help you make your choice!

The first kind of wedding favor is an edible prefer. These come in all sizes and shapes and can be themed to match the type of wedding you’re having. As an example, if you are having an outdoor beach wedding, then you could give your guests umbrellas, or other flop holders rather than regular-sized dishes. Edibles are always a hit and are often easy to personalize with a little imagination.

Another sort of edible prefer is a cookie favor. These can vary from cookies shaped like teddy bears, hearts, brides, and grooms, or just about any type of wedding theme you want. Again, these are easy to personalize with the guest’s name printed on the back.

There are also a type of wedding favor that is more of a special gift like best groomsmen gifts, as opposed to an edible favor. This type of favor is much more of a special present that the guests will keep following the wedding. By way of instance, a bottle of champagne is a great gift for couples first Christmas ever but would probably not be appreciated by most couples. If you opt for this type of wedding favor, make certain to include a card with it. Additionally, it will add a distinctive touch of class that champagne is often associated with.

Another popular type of favor is the kind that allows the guest to have a little taste of the wedding. These favors are great if you’re having a wedding during the holiday season. You can buy little bottles of perfume, or perhaps a little bottle of wine, in the wedding colors. Perfume at a wedding favor can be a very nice touch, especially if the receiver does not drink alcohol.

Contemporary wedding favors do not have to be conventional or dull. In actuality, they can be fun, creative, and inexpensive to provide. Be creative, let your imagination run wild, and give something special to your guests.