The future is the presence of nothingness, but the unformed essence of the future is in no way negative. Everyday speech always speaks of the “possibilities” of the future and its grand openness. It is this positive nullity which defines the future in all ventures. In the one case, the future is negative because it is not yet, but in every other instance, it is positive precisely because it is negative. The future is latent potential which, once it becomes the present, is made actual.

In programming, a variable can be established. For example, if an integer x is created, its default value is NULL and null is never equal to 0. The nullity of the variable future is not absolute zero nor is it negative. The future is a positive emptiness that permits itself to be populated. But in order to prepare for the future, one must always engage the ever-changing nature of the world around oneself. As technology advances, your plans must adapt. If they do not, they will fail. But optimizing for the future is increasing one’s possibilities, one’s adaptability.

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