Social vice is running for a long time. Illiteracy, malnutrition, castism, shadeism, and people’s narrow-minded nature are persistent in our society. These all lead to unemployment and poverty. With

time technology comes into existence, and a ray of hope arises that it can wipe out the social vices. But is it wiping out poverty or encouraging poverty?

From the time technology has come into existence, it has provided education and employment. With every new developing technology, the employment rates have increased and leading to improvement in

poverty rates. People who have proper knowledge of technology were given jobs instead of seeing their color or caste. Technology has turned the masses into employable human resources. With the spread in technology, products get easily accessible at a cheaper rate.

 Also, due to technology, people start forming a social connection. They get to know about political and social rights and also started demanding for them. Major political and social reforms took place due to technology and social vice wiped out. People begin to work together, leaving such differences behind. Technology leads to personal empowerment and generating awareness. The rise in technology also made the path of happy and healthy living clear. Many people following this path are living a prosperous life. Technology is like a boon to this world and helped in overall improvement.

But there is a saying that good things always come bundled with bad ones, so is technology. It also comes bundled with many bad things. With the advancement in the field of technology introduced the

concept of automation. What is this automation? Automation is the process performed with the least human interference. It is a labor-saving mode of working. Technology eased the process of doing work. A task that requires ten persons previously requires only one or two-person now.

Moreover, robots are taking the place of human labor in many countries. Now, this automation culture in the world of technology is creating poverty. The same technology that one time has developed many job opportunities, and work is now taking people away from it. From the

world of people ruling and introducing technology, it is currently leading the world and its people. The technology resulted in decreasing the cost of any task performed or production done. Even the most promising sector that provides laborers jobs, i.e., agriculture, is also driven by technology. Now, prominent farm owners who used to give employment to so many laborers buy machinery and perform the task themselves. Technology has decreased our human resource requirement many folds, and this is becoming a severe issue.

Technology is proven both a boon and a bane for this world. It depends on how we use technology and the extent to which we allow this technology to interfere in human life. Also, government rules and regulations are essential for wiping out poverty. Forming proper rules for employees right is also crucial in this fast technology-driven world. Otherwise, this technology will start to promote poverty instead

of removing it.