The whole world is suffering from the COVID-19 Pandemic and battle with it and stay away from it, people had to sacrifice a lot of things, and one of them is education. As this Pandemic started, Schools and colleges were shut all over the world, and no classes were held all over the world for around 3-4 months.

Now, as things are getting normal and under control, essential services have opened up, and one of them is education services. People gathering at a place is still not safe, so the schools have started offering online classes. Online education is the latest trend in the Education field and is getting increasingly popular.

Schools and colleges have chosen different online platforms to offer classes to the students and help them cover their syllabus. A proper system has been created, which involves live classes, doubt solving sessions, online tests, and feedback. Online education was available before this Pandemic, too, but it was not given much importance, but now it has become an integral part of the daily lives of the students.

Some people are favoring online education, but some of them are against it too. Online education has its own advantages as well as disadvantages. If we talk about the reasons to choose an online education in this lockdown and then some of them are as follows.

Enhances the attendance rate

Since the outbreak of coronavirus globally, schools are closed, and significant emphasis is being put on online education. It has brought numerous positive impacts, and one of them is a good rate of attendance. Earlier, students living in faraway areas have to travel a lot to reach the school, which consumed a lot of time and effort. An awesome example of learning online would be using an online thesaurus to find alternatives for words. If they miss the train or bus, then they had to take leave for that day.

But with online education, there is no need to dress up and travel for hours to reach the school. They can sit at their home and connect with the class through their mobile phone or laptop with an Internet connection. It has boosted student participation in studies and improves attendance to a great extent.

Performance can be tracked easily

To ensure that students are learning and understanding properly, whatever is taught to them, it is necessary to track their learning. In normal classes, it is almost impossible to track the performance and learning of every child precisely, but online education has made it possible.

In online classes, a track of every student is maintained, which makes it easier for the teacher to evaluate the performance of students, particularly. There are numerous tools that teachers can use to evaluate the learning ability of students, which is not available in regular classes held in classrooms. If you are looking to make extra money on your free time, you might want to look into playing some fun and interactive sports betting games via

Distraction-free environment

To ensure good engagement of students in the class, there must be no distractions around them. In classrooms, there are several students, and all of them are not able to focus properly, as some of them get distracted easily. The increasing trend of online education in this Pandemic has solved this problem by offering a distraction-free zone.