Modern technology is highly dynamic and chased because every second individual is using technology and surrounded with it. We use technology for making our work easier as well as enhancing our surroundings. All the business companies and big organization use technologies because it will reduce their work and all the data will become secured here. Technology is all about creating and forming a change in society so that it will grow and meet with all the convenience.

There are different impacts on society in terms of using technology but it is highly requires for example, using a mobile phone for forming and communicating with other individuals, using internet accessibility to form a better understanding and dealing with all the things regarding your business, using machines for ease of work and it also helps in reducing time.

The 5 different types of technologies as:

Now, in the lower section you will be going to read about the 5 different types of technologies so that understanding all the terms will become much easier for you to understand the use and importance of technology.

  1. Communication technology: communication technology is essential because it is based on our personal as well as professional life. Also, for forming a communication and exchanging ideas it is important to use communication technology in our day to day life.
  2. Construction technology: with the use of construction technology, it will become easier to go for acknowledging the ideas of building and constructing. All the things here will be done with the help of acknowledging all the engineering structure ideas and formations.
  3. Product technology: The use of product technology is required so that marketing and manufacturing of products will become easier as well as providing services will be also considered here. For a product technology, it is important to know about all the standard such as using material, making design, sharing information as well as acknowledging about all the specifications.
  4. Medical technology: Getting all the information about medical technology is highly effective as well as beneficial because it helps in improving human life and it plays a very important role for bettering all the things in terms of receiving medical help and treatments. There are several developing countries which are using medical technology so that the health of an individual as well as population will get fulfilled.
  5. Architecture technology: with the help of architecture technology, making ideas and using the representation of buildings will become much easier. It is highly important for forming a building and doing its construction. Such that architecture technology helps in forming methods and designing of buildings so that it will become beneficial to use.

In the above section, I have listed about all the 5 different types of technologies as well as the reasons that why we are surrounded with them. If you will go through each term and type accurately then you will acknowledge that how technology plays an important role in the functioning of our day to day life.