For several months the corona pandemic is at its peak. It has affected many countries badly, leading to significant economic and social crisis. In this trying times, we need to have some sort of alternate source of income for us to survive, playing คาสิโนสด may have a bad stigma, but it could actually be really helpful in times like this. Due to this pandemic situation, the foremost step that every country has taken is restricted social gathering. European countries were the first to take this step, being the most corona suffering nations. This decision has affected the education system the most. Working people have shifted to work digitally. In the case of students, it is not that easy to turn digital.

During the first few weeks of the lockdown, countries were hoping that the situation would soon be under control. But when the corona beats even the best medical technologies in the world, the government took some actions. Seeing that they have to live with this situation government has ordered to operate the schools and colleges digitally. From contact classes, schools and colleges shifted to online courses. Schools and universities made the study material available to the students at their homes and provided them proper e-learning support.

This system of e-learning worked well for a short duration of time. But as time passes, it has become a burden on parents as well as students also. Students are not able to gain the knowledge effectively as they use to do in the contact classes. Moreover, they are also facing problems with this new digital way of learning. Due to these two factors, the child’s mental health is affected, and their confidence level is also affected considerably.

Not only students but parents are also a part in their problem facing phase. Parents are unable to support their children in this online journey. In the case of some students, both the parents are working, so they cannot help their children with the issues they face during digital classes. The other category includes those who got unemployed due to this corona crisis. Now, these parents are there to support their child physically, but financially they can’t. They cannot buy the proper resources needed for their online child classes due to lack of funds.

Not only parents but it has also become an issue of concern for the school authorities and government. Census shows that only 20% of the organizations of Europe are ready for this digital education. Rest is unaware of this digital aspect of education until corona strikes. Also, evaluation and assessment is another point of concern. They cannot take the check the knowledge gained adequately, and the method of the evaluation didn’t work well everywhere. Now promoting students without exams is not a generous gesture if we see from future aspects.

Despite all the problems faced, people adapted very well to this pandemic situation. The culture shifted very rapidly from studying in contact classrooms to attending classes digitally. Due to this rapid transition, the life of people at least didn’t come to a stop. Students have adapted themselves successfully to this new pattern and have learned to live their life with this pandemic. Also, education authorities’ efforts and advancement in technologies helped, along with this process of transition.