Freedom in all cases is freedom from necessity. The degree of freedom is equal to the degree to which one’s actions are unnecessary. It is towards this which all labor. What’s the point of a job if all you do is your job? The point of a job is to take care of necessities so that you can get on with real life. The doctrine of “vocation” is a backwards understanding of freedom… while one is “called” — it is a calling of your own freely given being to be free authentically. Your vocation is not to labor on a specific career path your entire life. No, your vocation is to be freed from the confines of necessity in all but the unavoidable forms. Yes, you’ll always need to eat. Yes, you’ll always have to die. But these are essential to the primordial state of human mode of being. Anything that comes into being passes out of being, anything that eats will be eaten. There are certain necessary laws which frame our freedom and which cannot be escaped. In fact, to live authentically (or do business authentically), we have to encounter these unavoidable laws head on. And to be more financially stable, regardless of whom is in the seat, you might want to consider playing some fun and interactive sports betting games via

Business in the conventional sense of “paying the mortgage” is not personal, nor is it meant to be — not is it meant to mean anything. A job, in as much as it does pay a mortgage, maintains the empty space in which we dwell in our homes. Again, it is the emptiness of the house that allows us to live in it. It is the emptiness of the air outside that allows us to travel through it with ease. But the labor we do daily is not a source of meaning, nor should it be. Our “vocation” is a non-economical drawing-forth out of our own essence.

What can make you more free? What can make your business less bound by necessity? While not philosophical, my labor is practical. A website (new or improved) provides an open space for your business to thrive. Yes, openness to possibilities is always a risk of a “bad” possibility, but without that fundamental risk, there is never any “good” or “bad” (or any “is” at all!). Contact me to find out how you can increase your freedom.